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Last Update:05/27/2016 Jan-Jun   May 

.*05/28/16 Ilima anniversary's dance
*06/25/16 Friends of Ala Wai Anniversary Ball.
*07/23/16 USADance Mock Competition
*10/08/16 Pan Pacific Inaugural Ball
*10/22/16 Aloha 42nd Anniversary
*10/22/16 Pan Pacific Christmas Ball

Palladium Ballroom Dance Clubs Links:
12Noon/Ilima |  Aiea | Friends of Ala Wai |  Dance Magic 808 | Hawaii Gardenia Circle |HBDA
Pan Pacific |Swing Dance Hawaii | USA Dance - Honolulu

Beyond Palladium Dance Classes

Aloha Danceport Center
350 Ward Ave #200
Honolulu Hi 96814
(808) 200-5540

Sugino Dance Academy
404 Ward Ave #202
Honolulu Hi 96814
(808) 591-9877

Sugino Studio Map

Aloha Dancesport Center Map

Dream to Dance Map

Dream To Dance
1070 North King St. #202-204
Honolulu Hi 96817
(808) 372-5574

*08/27/2016 Dance Magic 808's 5th Anniversary Ball "Royal Ball" at Pacific Beach Hotel.  See Poster for  detail.

Palladium Events and Schedules

G & A Group Classes
with Glenn Okazaki and Anne Ho
Schedule: Mondays at
Dream to Dance Studio
Time: 8:00 - 9:00 PM (Couples only)
May classes:  
Advance Tango May 2, 9, 16, 23
Cost: $30/couple/night, to be paid in full on the first day of class.
Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to learn from Glenn and Anne.  Their goals are to teach on movement (body flight), timing, proper footwork, alignments and technique such that to make dancing easier for couples.

Calendar Calendar


7:00 - 7:40 PM

7:45 - 8:25 PM

8:30 - 9:10 PM


Jive I


Cha Cha II


Rumba I


Jive II


Samba I


Rumba II


Cha Cha I


Samba II

Pan Pacific  3rd Term Schedule (Sunday):

April 24, May 1, 22, June 5, 12, 26

1:00 PM to 1:45 PM – West Coast Swing

1:45 PM to 2:30 PM – Hustle

2:30 PM to 3:15 PM – Tango

3:15 PM to 4:00 PM – Mambo

Please Check Pan Pacific Web Site for further detail

Geoffrey Fells (Profile)
Classes Info click here
Contact info:  Phone (808) 371-8042
 Email address:

Tuesday Ladies Class
Location: Sugino Dance Academy

Class starts on 4/5/16 at 10 - 11 a.m.
Dance: International Tango

Tuesday Evening Class

Location: Dream to Dance Studio

Classes Start on 4/5/16
6:30 - 7:25 p.m. Rumba
7:30 - 8:25 p.m.  Quickstep

Honolulu Tango @ Address: 111 N. King St. #2B Honolulu, HI 96817

Classes: Mondays 7 - 9 pm

Practica 9 - 10 pm

Greg Underwood specializing in West coast swing,hustle,east coast,two step,and American style ballroom. For more class locations and private lessons info,contact Greg at 808-208-9428 or

Aloha Dancesport Center: Location: 350 Ward Ave #200 Honolulu, Hi 96814 Phone # (808) 200-5540 Link

Classes Info

Check Link for detail

Palladium MAP Dance Club Classes

Dance Magic 808
2016 Membership Form
Registration Form

April - June Registration Form

Palladium Thu Apr 7,21,28,May 5,19,26,Jun 2,16

Paso Doble : 6:30 pm - 7:15 pm
International Waltz: 7:25 pm - 8:10 pm

Salt Lake District Park Tue: Apr 5,12, 19,26, May 3, 10,17,24

Line Dance: 6:55 pm - 7:40 pm

International Tango: 7:45 pm - 8:30 pm

Friends of Ala Wai  Palladium Wed Schedule

USADance Palladium Schedule
Check for cost and detail:

Ballroom For Kids (K thru 12)

2016 2nd Term:

Feb 27 thru Apr 23 10:10 to 10:55 AM
(No class on Mar 26 and Apr 2)

Adult classes:
International Tango  May 7 & 14

Beyond Palladium Events:

USADance Practice sessions:
Tuesday Evening:  June 7 & 21 6:45-9:15 PM
Saturday Afternoon:  June 25 12:30-4:00 PM
Sunday Evening:  No dance  6:00 - 9:00 PM

Swing Dance Hawaii
*Sundays (See schedule on calendar below) 7:00 - 9:15 p.m. at Palladium (Ala Wai Golf Clubhouse) on Kapahulu ; music by Bert Burgess.  Ph. 834-7744

2016 Ala Wai Golf Course Multi-Function Facility (Palladium) Evening Dance schedule

Disclaimer: Schedule subject to change without notice.  Contact clubs for updated schedule.
*Ala Wai Golf course Club house Recreational  ballroom dancing  12 noon to 3 pm  weekly M T W TH except holidays.  No membership!  Free dancing! Sponsored by C & C Parks & Recreation.  Contact number: 595-3134.
Event color code:  
BLACK: split ballroom. || Green: Full Ballroom || RED: Ticket Event || (Poster) additional Information
To dance clubs: Your Palladium schedule and special event will be posted upon request by your president or officer authorized by your president via e-mail. . Please give us 2 days notice in advance.

George Garcia specializing in West Coast Swing, Hustle, & Salsa. For more info contact George at 808.321.1380

Divino Ritmo Dance (DRD) and Aloha Danceport Center See POSTER for detail
*06/04/2016 Aloha Dancesport Center 2nd Anniversary Gala See POSTER for detail
  Message From Lucas & Yanna

*06/17/2016 Alma Latino Caliente Salsa, Latin night
*06/24/2016 Ballroom Social Party

Dance News of the Pacific
Platinum Horseshoe
Town Dancer
Moanalua Corridor
Blogging Hawaii
The Dance Connection
That's Dancing

Click here for detail.

Arthur Murray Dance Center
1221 Kapiolani Blvd., Suite #400
Honolulu Hi 96814
(808) 206-7619

Arthur Murray Studio Map

Hawaii Star Ball

September 21 - 24, 2016

Click here for detail.

Calendar Calendar Calendar Calendar Calendar Calendar

July - December schedule is coming up! Check below.